As my exciting adventure continues with cooking enchiladas, I found that my second attempt turned out to be more of a success than my first one did. My first attempt at making the cheese enchiladas tasted really good, however as I was making the sauce in the second recipe I discovered that I liked the hint of cinnamon and brown sugar that was added to the sauce. Because these two particular ingredients were added, they gave a salty yet sweet kick to the homemade cheese enchiladas. Overall, the process of making the second batch of enchiladas was fairly similar to the first batch. Now, because I only cooked twelve enchiladas from the first batch, I used the left over that pack that contained twenty-four tortillas. I then grabbed a glass dish to make the enchiladas in, and I also pre-heated the oven so that the tortillas can warm up for twelve minutes. Make sure to lather each tortilla in olive oil so that they don’t stick to the pan and so it’s easier to roll the tortillas. After putting the tortillas in the oven I prepared the sauce, which in my opinion was the most challenging yet exciting part, because it was the first time that I had ever made a sauce from scratch before. I added the listed ingredients in the sauce and then stirred the sauce until it was thick. I also tasted the sauce until I found it to be exactly perfect for my taste buds. For example, it called for half a teaspoon of salt, so I added in another half of a teaspoon just because I love salt so much. So, make sure to put the amount of seasonings you personally desire in your sauce. After the sauce was made and the shredded cheese was prepared in a bowl, I took the tortillas out and dipped each tortilla in the red enchilada sauce. A good pointer while repeating this process twelve times is to use tongs when you dip the tortillas in the sauce, so that you don’t burn your fingers. After dipping each tortilla and stuffing it with mounds of cheese, I took the remaining sauce and cheese to put it on top of the enchiladas. I set the timer, turned the oven light on, and sat on the kitchen floor to watch my enchiladas bake. When the timer went off I put on an oven mitt for each hand and put the enchiladas on the stove to cool off for a good five minutes. After the enchiladas cool off, they are then ready to serve to whom ever desires to eat them.

            With that being said, I am thrilled to say that both batches of enchiladas turned out to be a huge success. I personally recommend the first recipe for families, because preparing the sauce is a little simpler, and if you’re tired from a long day at work the meal will be prepared in seconds. But both recipes taste just fine, so take your pick!  Overall, I am so happy with that I decided to make these two recipes and you too will see that the enchiladas are a perfect meal to serve your family, friends, or even a significant other. Now if I am ever in a hurry to cook a meal, I can just turn to either these two recipes and confidentially cook a homemade meal for people to enjoy. I hope you like these recipes and if your tummy is craving Mexican food, use one of these quick and easy recipes to satisfy your craving!


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