When people eat a different variety of foods they usually don’t think about how it was originated, however the history behind a simple enchilada is quite interesting. Back then, in the streets of Mexico where enchiladas were first originated from, people would roll the corn tortillas and dip them in chili sauce without any fillings inside. To me, enchiladas aren’t enchiladas without the filling, because the best part about biting into an enchilada is eating the melted cheese. But as time progressed, this Mexican dish eventually evolved into what we call an enchilada today, which are tortillas dipped in red sauce and either cheese, chicken, or beef is added.  The process to getting what we call an enchilada today started off with the Mexican culture going through the process of rolling tortillas around other food to see how things would taste. For example, the people that lived near a lake in the Valley of Mexico ate small fish rolled in tortillas. To them that was there traditional idea of an “enchilada”. This example was one of the many ways that people used to make enchiladas.

With that being said, I was excited to use the knowledge that I gained from learning about the history and I started my first attempt at making enchiladas. I had made enchiladas before, but I used a different method and new ingredients. Because of this, I was nervous to see if they were actually going to taste good. I quickly rant to the store and bought four ingredients to make my enchiladas. The recipe for my first batch is pretty simple so even though I was a little nervous I knew that not a lot could go wrong. A good little tip that made my cooking experience more enjoying was listening to some music, because then you can just sing to the music and not think of cooking as a task. I just simply set up my mac on the counter, which was very useful, because I was reading the ingredients off of it as well as listening to my some music. The process that I used to make the enchiladas was very fairly simple. I first baked twelve tortillas to get them warm, and then as those were warming I heated up the sauce and poured shredded cheese into a cup. After the oven beeped to get the enchiladas out of the oven I dipped each tortilla into the sauce then rolled with them each with mounds or cheese. After I completed this process for eleven more tortillas, I topped them off with sauce and cheese and let them bake so that they all are melted.

Finally, the timer went off and the enchiladas were done! They couldn’t have looked tastier, and all I could think about was taking that first bite. All my worries that the enchiladas might have tasted bad instantly went away when I had that first bite. Instead of being disappointed I was stoked that they turned out so delicious. I was so proud that I even had all five of my roommates try them, and they too were impressed. I am so happy that I chose this specific recipe, because they weren’t too spicy or too mild.


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